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Monarch Scaleout SXP28

Monarch Scaleout SXP28 - Includes 28mm Hoses & Installation Kit


Scaleout XP, Monarch’s next best thing to a water softener introduces its new advanced technology which is the only limescale control device to permanently remove and prevent the damage caused by hard water. Whilst reducing the impact of scale it is now more powerful in its performance and protection to remove existing scale and prevent new scale forming, is compact and easily installed, uses no electricity and is the only scale inhibitor giving permanent treatment.

With Monarch’s Scaleout XP the quality of the drinking water is not affected. During the limescale prevention process, no minerals or magnesium are removed. It is safe to drink all day, every day.

Scaleout XP is Monarch’s ultimate in permanent scale protection for the whole house and its appliances.


The permanent solution to scale-related problems.

 Targets Existing Scale
 Increase Water Flow Rates
 Prevents New Hard Scale Forming
 Whole House Protection 24/7
✓ Compact And Easy To Install
 28mm Supplies
✓ UV Resistant Finish 


Lower Costs:

The average ‘hard water home’ can spend between £200 & £240 a year to overcome the effects of hard water. The harder the water, the more cleaning agents and laundry detergents are required. Appliances’ life expectancy is significantly reduced. The life expectancy of a boiler’s heat exchanger is reduced by up to 80% with a hard water supply! A Monarch Scaleout XP will immediately target your existing scale, returning your boiler and appliances to maximum efficiency and lower running costs. Additionally, unnecessary scale related costs for the repair and maintenance of appliances can be prevented. Remember, with a scaled boiler, you have to heat the scale before you can heat the water. Just 2mm of scale will increase your hot water bills by 12%. 3mm and it rises to nearly 25%!



Lower Hot Water Bills
 Lower Household Bills
 More Efficient Boiler
 Protected Appliances
 Drinking-Water Rich In Vital Minerals
 Permanent Whole House Protection


Model Specification:

  • Min - Max Operating Water Pressure 1.5 - 5 bar
  • Min - Max Operating Water Temperature 4 -50C
  • pH 6.5 - 8.5
  • Max Iron Content 0.3 mg/l
  • Max Manganese Content 0.05 mg/l
  • Max Copper Content 0.3 mg/l



D220 x H660 x W450 (mm)

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Monarch Scaleout SXP28

  • Brand: Monarch
  • Product Code: SXP28
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