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Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer

Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer
Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer
Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer
Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer
Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer
Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer
Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Half Price 10kg Salt Offer
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  • Model: MIDM002HE
  • Dimensions: 485mm x 270mm x 554mm
  • SKU: 1192

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Monarch Water's NEW High Efficiency (HE) Midi Softener With Opti-Brining®

Half Price 10kg Salt Option - Limited Time Offer!

Monarch HE range benefits include:

 Greater exchange capacity Unique HiEx resin with Opti-Brining®

 Easy install Hi-Flow, Rapid-Fit bypass as standard 

 Sustainable Uses up to 24% less water and 12% less salt per annum

 Fast 8 minute mini top up regeneration

 Compact 28mm shorter

 Free flow valve technology The highest flow rates with the lowest pressure drop

 UK specific Designed exclusively for the UK market

All figures relate to the new Midi HE, compared to previous models, based on a three person household.


Opti-Brining® for sustainable softening

Opti-Brining® is Monarch Water’s unique, new system to manage water within its next generation of HE water softeners.

TheintelligentOpti-Brining® component continuously monitors the softener’s activity and water usage, regenerating only when necessary, to save more water, salt and energy than previous generations.

Opti-Brining® technology offers higher exchange capacity, higher flow rates and reduced water consumption during regeneration. With up to 46% greater capacity per regeneration than previous units for a truly sustainable future.


Hi-Flow Rapid-Fit bypass for easy installation

The NEW HE range of water softeners all feature Monarch Water’s NEW Rapid-Fit bypass which has reduced 85% of the components needed when installing a water softener.

Available for 15mm, 22mm and 28mm supplies, the Rapid-Fit also has 3/8” connections for both hard and soft water tee points. It also features a 1” high flow check valve built into the body to comply with WRAS guidelines, giving an impressive flow rate of 80lpm.

With Monarch Water’s NEW Rapid-Fit bypass, installers simply connect the water in and out from the mains supply, then connect two hoses to the softener for quick and easy installation.



Next Generation

Digital interface and operating system for ease of use.



Additional Features

 The highest flow rates of any softener available - up to 78 litres per minute

 Easy view control panel with back lit display, removable front cover

 Easy push button set up - only takes a few seconds 

✓ Unique Self Protect Programme that:

  • Delays regeneration until 2am
  • Stores data in the event of a power cut
  • Initiates an additional regeneration if ever required + 8 minute mini top up
  • Learns and remembers your water usage patterns to make substantial savings on both salt and water use

 Safe low voltage electronics via plug-in transformer (supplied)

  • Detects leaks in your plumbing system

 Meter control with intelligent Opti-Brining as standard - only regenerates the resin that has been used

 Opti-Brining® with HE resin. A winning combination giving up to:

  • 46% greater capacity
  • 24% less water use
  • 56% salt saving over conventional softeners

 CE Approved

 WRAS Approvals

 The UK's only softener range suitable for 15, 22 and 28mm supplies

 Automatically adjusts to BST and GMT time changes


Installation Requirements:

  • Water pressure: 1.5 - 5 BAR
  • Operating temperature: 2 - 49C.
  • Electrical supply: 3-pin socket. Drain facility.
  • If using Maxiflow hoses please allow an extra 18mm to depth.
  • If using 28mm system please allow an extra 25mm depth.


Choose from:

  1. Standard Hose Kit for use with conventional hot water cylinder & loft mounted cold storage tank
  2. Combi Maxiflow Hose for use with combination boiler systems & pressurised systems.
  3. Ultraflow Hose Kit for 28mm applications.


The Ultimate Water Softener

 Removes existing scale and prevents new scale forming

 Protects your appliances including dishwasher, washing machine and shower

 Kinder to your skin and saves you mone



Monarch offer 7-year parts and 2 Year labour guarantee in all hardwater areas of England and Wales.


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