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⚠️ COVID-19 UPDATE 23.3.20 ⚠️


Due to government-enforced temporary lockdown, we cannot accept new orders.


Orders placed online but not yet delivered may be delayed beyond our control.


We will endeavour to contact customers with outstanding orders shortly.


We cannot access phone calls and staff will have limited access to email.


Thank you for your understanding, stay safe.


- Bathquest Team -




Monarch are the leading UK manufacturers of high quality, high performance water softeners.


We currently sell three household domestic water softeners, the Mini Aqua, the Midi and the Master.


Find out which Monarch Water Softener is right for YOU!


We offer a quick delivery service with these products as we either stock them ourselves or have them delivered direct by Monarch.


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Monarch Mini Aqua HE Water Softener

Monarch Water's NEW 2019 High Efficiency (HE) Mini Aqua With Opti-Brining®   Monarch..

£541.00 Ex Tax: £450.83

Monarch Midi HE Water Softener + Free Salt

Monarch Water's NEW 2019 High Efficiency (HE) Midi Softener With Opti-Brining® Includes Free..

£462.00 Ex Tax: £385.00

Monarch Master HE Water Softener

Monarch Water's NEW 2019 High Efficiency (HE) Master Softener With Opti-Brining®  ..

£575.00 Ex Tax: £479.17

Monarch Plumbsoft Solo Non-Electric Water Softener 15mm Hose Kit

Monarch Water's Plumbsoft Solo Non-Electric Water Softener The only softeners designed to us..

£624.00 Ex Tax: £520.00

Monarch Plumbsoft Ultra Non-Electric Water Softener 15mm & 22mm Hose Kit

Monarch Water's Plumbsoft Ultra Non-Electric Water Softener The only softeners designed..

£660.00 Ex Tax: £550.00